A Workers Compensation Workshop

Learn how business leaders are achieving the unthinkable™ with lower workers' compensation costs, increased work place safety, and improved hiring processes.

Have You Ever Considered the Value of ZERO to Your Business?

ZERO Overcharges. ZERO Experience Modifier. ZERO Lost Time.

ZERO Frustration.

When it comes to controlling and managing your insurance program and premiums, odds are you are probably familiar with the process of bidding, quoting, and hoping you get the "best rate".


This process can take a lot of time and effort, consuming endless hours to shop insurance, leading to less than favorable quotes, and ultimately the results really leave you wanting

So, how do you end this frustrating cycle of purchasing insurance that leaves you wanting more?

By Learning How To Conquer ZERO at The Conquering ZERO Workers' Compensation Workshop!

Join Best Selling Author, David R Leng, in learning how Conquering ZERO is about more than driving down Workers' Compensation cost. It is about developing an overall Workers’ Compensation strategy to reduce your insurance premiums and costs, through proven hiring processes, establishing effective safety programs, improving your experience modifier, and ending the vicious cycle of bidding and quoting. 

Cost of Attendance

Indiana County Chamber of Commerce Members:

Early Bird Registration (Prior to April 12th): $20.00

Registration (After April 12th): $25.00


Early Bird Registration (Prior to April 12th): $29.00

Registration (After April 12th): $49.00

What's Included:

  • The 3-Hour Educational Workshop with A Certified WorkComp Advisor, Workers' Comp Attorney & ___________

  • A Workers' Compensation Audit & Checklist Workbook

  • A Delicious Breakfast!

Register for the 2019 Workers' Comp Workshop —TODAY!

Wouldn’t you like to improve the insurance buying process and lower cost, all while taking control of your Workers' Compensation and Safety Program?

Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Time: 8:00 am to 11:30 am

*Breakfast Served at 8:00 am

Location: Kovalchick Convention

and Athletic Complex

711 Pratt Drive

Indiana, PA 15705

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What You'll Learn

What If we told you there was a way to cut insurance costs, increase your business’ profitability, and improve employee productivity with only one change?

A Change in the way you think about workers’ compensation!

Through This Workers’ Compensation Workshop, You Will Learn: 


Key aspects of managing the biggest drivers of your workers’ compensation premium


The steps to take before and after an injury occurs that will reduce the cost of the injury by 50%


Why the usual “shopping” for Workers’ Comp is full of pitfalls and fails to deliver the lowest cost


Ways to benchmark results, plus identify and avoid the “hidden” costs that harm your company’s bottom line


How to better hire and retain new employees in today's economy


Why traditional safety programs are failing to reducing major injuries

Who Should Attend?

Ultimately, you will learn how to take control of your company's safety program, hiring process, and experience modifier. Helping you Build an Error Free, Overcharged Free and Frustration Free Workers’ Compensation Program.


Business Owners and CFO/Controllers


Businesses paying over $10,000 annually in workers’ compensation premiums.


Businesses searching to slash insurance and workers' compensation costs.


Businesses looking to improve overall employee hiring, productivity and safety


Businesses wanting to learn the secrets of how a Certified WorkComp Advisor reduced employers' insurance costs by over $50,000,000 since 2004.


Businesses yearning to reduce the headaches and frustrations of managing employees


I found the whole seminar and all of the information very helpful in reducing (workers’ comp) costs for our company!

Lori Bodnar – C Harper Automotive Group


I was not aware of how in-depth businesses really needed to go to understand the areas of managing injuries, back to work situations, and safety/compliance. I thought all of the subjects had a tremendous value to our company. It was amazing the amount of information and documentation that was provided. As an employer we need to keep informed on many issues. David was able to convey the importance of what documentation and information we needed to have and the time-line for when things should be done. The whole seminar was very informative.

Georgeann Mayhue – Smith Bus Company


I thought my knowledge of Workers' Compensation was pretty good, until David's seminar, I didn't realize how much I didn't know. When ii comes to Workers' Comp, ignorance isn't bliss ... it's costly.

Don Gutwald - Penn Metal Fabricators in Ebensburg 



David R. Leng is author of the International Best Sellers-Turning Premiums Into Profits and The 10 Laws of Insurance Attraction, as well as Stop Being Frustrated & Overcharged (By Your Workers’ Compensation Program). He was awarded the Advisor of the Year for 2008 by the Institute of WorkComp Professionals, and was requested to join the faculty of the Institute of WorkComp Professionals in 2012. 

David is a 30-year veteran of the Risk Management and Insurance industry. He is regarded as one of the brightest minds in the industry due to his unique Risk Profile Improvement Process, which identifies, controls and reduces the risk factors inherent in any business that drive costs to an organization’s bottom line and hinders employee productivity. Since 2004, David has saved his clients well over $50,000,000 in premiums and overcharges.

Renee Mielnicki, Esq. 

Renee Mielnicki, Esq. has served as a licensed attorney in the state of Pennsylvania since 2001. In addition to her responsibilities as General Counsel, she also serves as the Director of the Human Resource Services Department. As Director, she oversees the daily operations of the department including labor relations as well as the HR Services we provide. These services include providing compliance advice relating to discrimination, wage and hour issues and leaves of absence under FMLA and the ADA, management trainings related to these topics as well as the review and drafting of employment-related agreements. She brings to the Risk Management Division experience having worked as an Associate General Counsel for the Allegheny County Housing Authority, where her role included drafting commercial and residential contracts and advising senior management on legal and regulatory compliance issues. Prior to that, she worked for a private law firm as an associate attorney where she practiced civil and criminal litigation.

Aaron Black, CWCA

Aaron Black, CWCA serves as Manager of Business Development at East Coast Risk Management and works with clients and prospects to help provide them with solutions to help improve and manage the risks they face within their organizations. With over 20 years of experience, he brings to ECRM extensive experience in the areas of Insurance, Risk Management and Occupational Safety as well as Environmental and Health Safety for organizations ranging from small or medium to large, complex multinational corporations. Passionate about ECRM’s model, Aaron’s primary focus is to build awareness about ECRM's capabilities among prospective clients as well as to develop and maintain long term relationships with current and past clients. Prior to starting with ECRM, Aaron held positions as a Senior Risk Engineering Consultant for Zurich Insurance, a Safety Manager for a large mechanical contractor and also a Loss Control Consultant for an insurance agent where he provided safety and risk management consulting for many organizations and oversaw the OCIP at Heinz Field during construction.

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